alstong_logoWe are proud to announce that BeAllAgri are now stocking Alstrong – A superb range of products designed to aerate soil in order to maintain a good balance of soil elements such as as minerals, air, water and organic matter.

Why Aerate?

Aeration can release the equivalent of 50KGS of Nitrogen per Hectare.

  • Surface drainage is greatly improved with faster absorption of slurry and Winter rainfall.
  • Increases earthworm activity in the soil.
  • Increased tolerance to drought.
  • Unlock iron in the soil and help wash it out.
  • Nutrients get to the roots faster.
  • Reduced expenditure on NPK.

The Alstrong range of aerators are designed not only to aerate the top layer of grassland but thanks to their unique blade design and weight they have the ability to shatter the hard pan up to 16” deep without any soil disturbance or disruption to grazing systems.

Check out the official Alstrong website for more information


Written by Leyroy Carleton